Fine art Photographer ISABELLE VAN ZEIJL

Isabelle van Zeijl is an established mid-career international acclaimed artist. Recognized for her mastery to create striking self portraits with depth and meaning who enriches life, possessing lasting and impressionable depth and value.  Van Zeijl dips into the post-modern to craft a vision of feminine power that will have you questioning both historical and 21st-century concepts of beauty. Her enigmatic work is a visual celebration of hope, renewal and growth. We can ourselves be touched by their beauty, we can reconnect with the natural world and history. 


Van Zeijl has shown work continuously and internationally over the past seventeen years, represented by galleries located in The UK, USA, and Europe. Exhibiting at emerging and established international art fairs in New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, London, Germany, Belgium, Sweden and Italy. She was nominated for the Prix De La Photographie Paris, and The Fine Art Photography Awards. Her work is held in private & public collections in the USA, UK, Belgium, Germany, France and The Netherlands.